Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Audio Latino

La historia trata de Rina Inverse, una poderosa hechicera quien a su vez es cazarecompensas, utilizando a veces de forma desmedida su magia negra para conseguir lo que desea. En el camino conoce a Goury
Gabriev (en el doblaje, llamado Gaudi), un caballero errante de carácter noble pero un poco cabeza hueca, quien posee una Espada de Luz, heredada por sus antepasados. Rina se une a Goury con el objetivo de
quitarle su espada y ganar un buen dinero, pero en el camino, ambos deben enfrentarse a Rezo, el Monje Rojo, quien a pesar de su fama de ser un buen samaritano, recurre a la magia negra para cumplir sus
metas. En su camino se unen Ameria Will Tesla Saillune, Zelgadiss Graywords y la hechicera Silphiel Nels Ladha, quienes viajan juntos para derrotar a Rezo y sus esbirros.
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 01

n the season's opener, we meet the lovely, Lina Inverse. She's just stolen a few treasures from a couple of bandits called the ""Dragon Fangs"" after using the ""fireball"" spells.
The next day, Lina is hunted down by some of the bandits whom she stole from. A guy talks to her while the rest are not-so hiding well, willing to attack her. Right when she is about to fight, a tall, blond guy named Gourry comes to her rescue (although she could of handle it herself easy). Gourry is disappointed on the girl he saved (a child looking girl, who is underdeveloped) but he invites himself with Lina to the next town which is Atlas City.
Once there, they eat at a restaurant. A village elder approaches Lina, and asks if it's really her, the great sorceress Lina Inverse. Lina smiles and says yes. Gourry is surprised to know that Lina is a sorceress, because of the clothes she is wearing. Lina gets angry at Gourry because he thought with the clothes she is wearing, she would be some kind of wait
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 02

A guy wrapped in bandages, and another creepy looking guy looks over the town that Lina destroyed using the ""Dragon Slave"" spell. The bandage guy reminisce on how he became that way, when Lina stole and attacked those Dragon Fangs. The creepy looking guy tells the other bandage guy to hurry up to retrieve the ""item"" that Lina stole.
Lina and Gourry managed to run away from the angry villagers, and arrives in another town. Lina stops by a magic shop but doesn't go in. She tells Gourry to wait for him, while she runs off.
Lina starts to sort out her treasures which includes gems, old coints, an enchanted knife, and rare Orihalcon statue. With the gems, Lina proceeds to make several magical amulets. She returns to the shop where she proceeds to sell the items. When the shopkeeper looks at the knife, he is put under a spell. He goes violent on them, and throws the counter at the door, preventing them to escape. They take it outside, where Lina and Gourry debate on how to defeat th
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 03

In this episode, We find out that the creepy looking man and the bandage man names are Zelgadis and Zolf (or the Mummy Man as Lina likes to call him).
Zelgadis wishes to purchase the item that Lina stole from the Dragon Fans, but doesn't tell her which one. Only two things come to mind the statue and the knife. Lina over prices the both items by 100 times the street price.
Unfortunately the prices are to high, so Zelgadis leaves (with the Mummy Man) quietly. He tells them they are sworn enemys. Gourry is worried about them being ambushed in the night, but Lina knows better. Someone like Zelgadis keeps his word.
The next day, when they leave the inn, they are ambushed by Zelgadis minions. Lina is attacked early one and Gourry had to defeat them all. They head to another inn, where more of Zelgadis minions is attacking them.
They get help by Rezo, the Red Priest, who puts a spell on all of Zelgadis minions and make them leave quietly. Lina thanks him, and Rezo explains that Zelga
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 04

While heading for Atlas City, Lina tells Gourry to stick close to her durning a battle (if any) because she has lost her power for two or three days. She doesn't say how, but Gourry thinks it has to do with the fact that it's ""the time of the month.""
Suddenly Zelgadis and his minions appears out of nowhere, and challeges them. Dilgear, a werewolf, says how they need to take the Orihalcon statue from them, but Zelgadis gives him the glare to shut up. Lina runs away while Gourry fights with Rodimus (the old man who attacked her last episode), and Dilgear.
Zelgadis corners Lina, and she manages to stun him with a light spell to his eyes. She runs away to a dead end where she is just surrounded by water. Zelgadis is right behind her, and Lina tries to use her Flare Arrow, but it goes limp before reaching him.
Lina runs away, but Zelgadis uses a Shadow Snap, preventing Lina to move. Zelgadis then hits Lina with a Mono Bolt, that made her unconsicious... Will Lina wake up in time?
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 05

Lina wakes up as she hangs with Zelgadis and his two minions watching her (Rodimus is watching guard outside). They tell her about how Gourry abandoned her, and asks her about the Orihalcon statue.
Lina whispers... ""The Orihalcon statue..."" and Zolf leans in. Lina screams in his ear, which pisses him off. Zolfcalls for Noonsa, a fish creature with arms and legs to kiss her. Noonsa does a deep kiss (which is putting her whole head into his mouth), and she is very disgusted about it. Lina kicks Noonsa away and starts to call Zolf a third rate wizard, which really pisses him off now. He gags her, and starts to call her everything she's not (a fifth rate wizard, a boobless girl, a girl with ugly hair) and she screams for him to stop.
Zelgadis figures out that she doesn't have it, and must of gave it to Gourry. Lina then tells him she did a protection spell on the statue so that no magic whatsoever could locate it.
Gourry wanders to the next town and sees a girl who looks like Lina.

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 06

Zelgadis and Rezo bicker about Zelgadis turning against Rezo. When Rezo is just about to make his move, Zelgadis grabs onto Lina (her boobs!), and Rezo isn't afraid that Zelgadis is using Lina as a shield. Zelgadis then reveals that he isn't using her as a shield. Zelgadis throws Lina towards Rezo, and he dodges her. Zelgadis then runs towards Lina, and throws a couple of fireballs at Rezo to slow him down. He then meets up with her after she struck a tree, as they run for their lives.
Dilgear is upset at the fact that Lina escaped, and is yelling at the guards. Dilgear then get a message from Rezo, telling him to get Zelgadis... the traitor.
Meanwhile, Gourry is ultra board and hungry and tries to entertain himself in his search for Lina.
Lina and Zelgadis starts to rest nearby a lake. Lina asks for answers, and Zelgadis tells Lina that the Orihalcon statue is holding the infamous PHILOSOPHER'S Stone, that is very powerful. Lina then figures out that Rezo used the story of res

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 07

Rezo calls for Zorom, of the Monster race for his help to get the stone, as well as to kill the traitor.
Lina and Zelgadis wanders into a inhabitated town, where they are not so ambushed by Dilgear and severeal trolls, and other hidious creatures.
Lina manages to use her fireball to get some of them. Lina and Zelgadis seperate, as they try to take them on, but the only interested in Zelgadis as they chase him, not Lina.
Lina met her match as Zorom challeges her. After using her non sucessful fire ball against Zorom, Gourry comes to her rescure. Lina explains that no sword or magic will do good against Zorom, who is a pure bred monster, whose body is like a ghost.
Meanwhile with Zelgadis, he manages to kill all of the creatures and takes on Dilgear himself. Just before they fight, Zolf and Rodimus appears. Dilgear is happy, but he is unaware that Rodimus and Zolf loyality is with Zelgadis. Rodimus and Zolf kills Dilgear.
Gourry is pretty confident against Zorom, and calls forward

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 08

While in a town, Lina and company gets a message from Rezo. He shows his power when he turns a little boy into stone and demands Lina and company to his tower. Rezo tells them he could easily kill off the whole village. They have no choice but to ""talk"" with Rezo, which ends up ugly.
While at the tower, Lina wants to know the truth, but figures that Rezo must of struck a deal with that monster (from the last episode) to cure his blindness (from the stone) inexchange for ressurection the Dark Lord. They ask why meet them in the tower, and he responds this is one of the spots Shabrangido's parts are. Rezo steals the statue and manages to control Zelgadis (remember Rezo sort of created Zelgadis on what he is today). He forces Zelgadis to fight against Lina and co.
Rezo runs off into another room, while Lina snaps Zelgadis out of it. Rezo completes the ritual, but things turn when he got information wrong. It turns out that Shabranigdo only had a ceremony there, and not one of this
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 09

Rezo finally opens his eyes, but his blindness has turned him into the Dark Lord, Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo offers them to join him, but they refuse it.
After a few words, Zolf tries to stop him using ""Dragon Slave"" but it has no affect on Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo then fires back, and Rodimus runs to save Zolf. They are caught in Shabranigdo's attack, and die. Leaving Lina, Zelgadis and Gourry all alone. They decide to run for it, and decide to sleep on it for one night.
While at dinner, Zelgadis explains he did a spell against Shabranigdo, that is almost as powerful as Dragon Slave that uses the astral plane. Gourry doesn't get most of it, and Lina tries to explain that using Dragon Slave, or any other black magic is not an option, due to the fact that Shabranigdo is the ""Dark"" lord. They only way for them in hopes to atleast hurt him in some way is by using the sword of light. They all embark in this adventure tale, whether they die or not.
They are interrupted by trolls runni
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